SB 1248: Hurricane Mitigation

Filed 2/27/13…

Bill text…

Thanks for sharing…the only component missing from the “advisory council” (in my opinion) is a a representative form the inspection industry or a major industry association.


© Mitigation credits and inspections.—The division, in
140 consultation with the council, shall establish mitigation
141 features eligible for mitigation credit to be published yearly
142 and used for hurricane mitigation inspection forms adopted
143 pursuant to s. 627.711. Using the hurricane loss projection
144 model, methodology shall be developed to incorporate appropriate
145 standards for mitigation credits into any model approved by the
146 Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology
147 under s. 627.0628. The methodology established shall be applied
148 in the commission’s review of the public model.

Sounds like a new form is on the way!

We agree humm

How low can we go? :stuck_out_tongue:

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