Scam involving IRS

IRS never sends out emails, LOL!!!

Nope, just men in suits that have no sense of humor!! :smiley: :smiley:

I got that email today also. Perhaps that is why the U.S. is so heavily in to debt. Your IRS is giving people like me, who are not even American, tax refunds. :smiley:

When can I get one of those emails?


Warning this is not a joke.

I ran a friend’s store when I was an undergrad. He was behind on paying his sales tax to the state of GA, and they sent out 2 Revenue agents. Their names? Hunt and Slaughter. I fell off my stool when they showed me their ID. They were not as amused as I was! :shock: :shock: :shock: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

That is funny .
I got another round of that West Africa woman today.
I thought that one had played out 6 months ago.

LOL, the IRS speaking in a congradulatory tone about sending money your way!

Yeah, I did that yesterday but I doubt the IRS even has the time to pursue this…

What the hell! They only offered me $83.00!:wink:

Thats $83.00 More then me!!

Now I don’t feel so bad. :mrgreen:

That’s a new one on me. If you can identify the host ISP, forward it with full headers to abuse@(isp). They are usually pretty quick to respond. Between my 3 email accounts, I get about 40 phishing scams per day.

Received another one today…Are there idiots out there who actually fall for these damn scams???

After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of **$268.32. **Please submit the tax refund request and allow us 6-9 days in order to process it.

A refund can be delayed for a variety of reasons. For example submitting invalid records or applying after the deadline.
To access the form for your tax refund, please click here

Internal Revenue Service

© Copyright 2007, Internal Revenue Service U.S.A. All rights reserved.

David, can you please remove the link to the phishing site. Just good internet hygiene.


If anyone is ignorant enough to fill in the information on that particular link, they’ve got issues.

The link remains… to show everyone what it points to.

David, filled in the name ‘U R Stupid’ with a bunch more fake number and the site actually came back and said my credit card number was not vaiid . . . he’s hooked in somewhere to verify information . . . and I’m sure the amount he’s stated in the e-mail message is more than likely what they’ll take out of your account . . . and I’m sure they will get folks to sign in and sign up for the refund.

David I understand your position, however…

Big picture now. Large search engines(Google, Yahoo, Ask) will penalize sites who link to known ‘bad’ sites (I guess guilty by association). You can be hurting this forum’s search engine position, and thereby hurting us all. :cry:


Now you’ll have got to love this one…And don’t expect your $20.00 anytime soon.

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Hi to all,

that is slick Dave, I can unfortunately see a lot of people falling for that con :twisted:



That is truely SAD…