Scam leads from InterNACHI

Is anyone else getting scam leads from InterNACHI. I keep getting emails from leads on InterNACHI saying they want to schedule a home inspection, but later find out it’s just a scam to try and get me to give them money or my bank account info. This is annoying.


Yes I get those every so often. Very annoying indeed.

All the time.

Scammers aren’t just targeting you, not just InterNACHI and not just home inspectors.

My wife isn’t a home inspector, but she gets the same scams, just instead of saying they need an inspection, they say they need the birthing services she offers.

The way I see it is, if they do not speak American, I am not interested in what they have to offer. Since I have been SEOing my site, these guys have been calling me all day. They’re so good, they even use local numbers.

Yea but it’s clicks and lead claims for NACHI

Just got the first one, when I sent the pre inspection agreement I did not here from them again.

I expect we all get these regularly .
Some days I get 5 or more that did not get caught by my Junk email filter.

Anytime you give or post your phone number and/or email on your, or anyone else’s web site, you will get spam and telemarketing calls. You give InterNACHI your information, they post it, here they come…

Have anybody heard from Desmond Nichols? I am wondering if this is a scam or real?