Scam - Mail check to fraud department/agency?

Hi everyone. I’ve received a text from an individual asking for a pre-inspection and wanting to mail a certified check. I’ve encountered this maybe 6 times in the past few months and usually just ignore it. I’m wondering if there is a fraud agency that this can be directed to? And if so, would alerting them amount to anything?

This has been going around a lot lately and several have tried to get someone in the government to care. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any agency or authority that is willing to take the time.


The FTC has a portal to log the complaint. I have little faith these issues are attended to.


I agree, they are probably inundated with these. Probably hundreds of reports a day

And Andre’ is still on the loose :smile:

Short answer: no
Until you get a check, nobody will care.
If you get a check, perhaps, the fraudulently named party on the check might care.
Law enforcement likely won’t care, at all, until you take a loss.

It’s unfortunate, because the scammers can just keep trying.

I just make 'em mail me a check, say it was damaged due to a hailstorm, then make them send me a new one, until finally they get tired.