havent been a Nachi member for a few years, but I just got a call from some chick wanting me to renew, seeking credit card info. Called from Ft. Lauderdale 954-332-0058. Sounds like a scam.

Probably Pro-Lab. . .

Yes sir.

I also got the same call. She wanted to inform me about a few questions I had “axed” her!

She also stated that in Florida, starting in 2010, you will have to be a member of a home inspection organization in order to perform 4-point inspections.

A few days ago I also got a call. Some chick “axed” me if I wanted to renew my NACHI membership for 2 more years. I told her I would have to call her later. She thanked me and hanged up without leaving any info. So, that was weird.

I have a chapter member who was called by them and left a voice mail that stated that the persons membership dues had lapsed.

This persons dues did not lapse.

Again it is time for Pro-Lab to clean up its act!

I got a call from them for an entirely different reason. Young fella wanted me to tell him why I did not want to be in Mold inspections. Figured it was none of his damned business so I told him. It was a short conversation.

What a shame, you think someone here would take care of this issue. This is absolutely ridiculous that this continues to happen.

Good point. Why does NACHI go out if their way to promote this company?

Who is Pro-Lab?

Who cares?

This kind of thing is an inherent problem when you set up boiler rooms (telemarketing centers). Many people that get hired have been trained in seedy phone rooms and have learned high pressure tactics.

Somehow they got the idea that they could sell renewals. However much I dislike Pro-Lab, I would be interested in hearing their explanation and see how fast they clean it up.