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I want to share with you another attempt by a scammer. I’m in Des Plaines, Illinois just outside of Chicago. The scammer picks a house that’s on the market he never calls but sends me a text message saying he wants the home inspection, he asks for all kinds of additional services, radon test, lead, test, water test, termite inspection and then he agrees to the price next he says he’ll send me a certificated check ( The last scammer sent he a phony certified check for Tru Bank out of Texas ) he says he’ll make the check out for more than the inspection fees because he has another mold contractor that’s going to be there at the same time that I am performing the inspection, he wants me to reach into my wallet and give the guy cash. Then you find out from your bank that the certified check you were given was fake. This is the typical way that these leaches operate. Don’t fall for this crap. I’m going to share the fictitious name that he calls himself along with this phone number and email address. Mike Mahaffery 1-406-608-8463
I wish there was some way the authorities can nail this guy.


“I have a flooring contractor doing work there”

On a house you have not purchased yet.

I had one send a check to Charles Z. Ambrano at 1060 W Addison. :sunglasses:

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I’m on their list as well! I have one check framed on my office wall and am expecting another. The realtor on this second one offered that they get these scams all the time and offered me a virus she could send to me to send to them, as she does. I declined, but does anyone of you know of this defense?

Haha. Sending a virus to a scammer. Awesome. Not really a defense, but fun.

However, viruses tend to spread. I think it’s best not to populate them.

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Thank you for posting. There are a few scams like this one out there. I don’t agree with messing with these guys. There are many ways they can harm your business and you will have no recourse.

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Same thing going on here in Indianapolis. I made copies of all information (texts, emails and fake checks with mailing envelope). We forwarded all information to the Postal Service. They accepted and said they would look into case. Mail fraud is a real thing.

I have tried other police agency’s with no success.

Keep the Failth,
Indianapolis, IN

Hey man. Thanks a lot for posting this. I just got a text from him yesterday and was taking it serious until it started getting weird and I googled his number and this popped up. You Definitely saved me a headache for sure

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There are so many scammers out there, why cant people just make an honest living instead of scamming us.

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I am an inspector licensed in NY/NJ and have recieved several of these same request. Only once did the scammer send me his email address to which i forwarded it to listing agent who i contacted ealier. I google the number to find if number is legit or not. Otherwise I look up property and contact listing agent.

FYI to all on this forum. I have received many of these same requests. When I do, I immediately do a search of number if no results turn up I search for listing and contact listing agent.
Good luck

Welcome to the neighborhood Jerome. These type of scams are old and well noted here, but it’s always good to see new info and names that are involved with these. I personally won’t respond to an inspection request via text unless an initial phone call is involved prior to.

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I just had the exact thing happen to me- same number, different name. I’m in Baltimore Maryland. I got suspicious when he asked for my home address to send the check. He refused to talk on the phone and didn’t want to use my website to sign the agreement or make payment. The person that contacted me said his name was Clayton Sholar with an email address of

I called the listing agent to confirm he wasn’t involved with the seller. Be careful everyone!

Edward, thanks for posting this!

Hampton Home Inspections of Maryland

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