Scammers be ware

You mean this Adam guy calls around for an inspection?
What the hell is wrong with that?

Just got this text 2 days ago.

“Good Day, Am Susan Alan, will you be availableto INSPECT a new house, I am interested in purchasing which am already in agreement with the seller.”

Me: Good Day Susan, will you be attending the inspection? If not, I only accept payment through PayPal.

End of conversation. :grinning:


Wait a minute Kevin, Susan Alan asked me last week! I told her I only accept cash. Probably why she asked you :rofl:
Lately, I have been getting more of these for some reason.

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LOL thanks Larry I’ve got my teeth right into this guy’s ankle, LOL

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Yeah the last guy that asked for this (and the inclusion of the lot size is always a dead giveaway…), I told him that I highly recommend my inspection for ROUS service (Rodents Of Unusual Size). It is a bit spendy given that I have to put on tactical protection gear.


Here’s another one for the list that I got on Dec 15, 2022:
Hello, my name is Kenneth Goslyn, and I’m in the process of negotiating with the seller of a new house that I’m interested in buying. I need a professional home inspection of the property. Are you available to? And where exactly are you?

  • I respond with company info

Good, can I pay you with a cashier’s or bank-certified check? Just so you know, there will be extra money in the check you will receive. You must deduct your fees plus an additional $100 for gas after the check has been cleared and cashed,m and the remaining money should be given to the floor installer. I’m hoping I can rely on you for this payment.

  • My response: Sorry, I don’t do third-party payments. Also don’t know why I would be asked to pay others - that’s your job.

After that - crickets. Reading this forum confirms that others on here have been bothered by these same scammers

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The bastard never sent me a check - yet… … …

Got one on the line
Making the check out to my dog

Good day, my name is Bryan Ouellette. I’d like to schedule 11th Jan for a home inspection here in Boca

Hi there sorry for the delay January 11 is fine please send property address, your email and I’ll send you a written Estimate

I’d like you perform a visual inspection of the building and provide report identifying all defects. here is the property address 9310 SW 61st Way Apt B,
Boca Raton, FL 33428 and it’s a 3bed2.5bath1,782sqft921sqft lot the home is vacant, reason for inspection is to obtain a home owner insurance and look out for possible repairs.
please provide me with your estimate both for the home inspection, radon, water and termite inspection.

I know the area well. The fee for full comprehensive inspection radon water termite is $826. I’ll need your email address To send the report it will come out later in the day I’m figuring the start time would be 9 AM
I promise to give it my very best effort. Hoping this meets with your approval sincerely

i arranged with the mold experts to take care of other inspection in the house
i can work with the pricing. the home will be vacant for you on the date schedule for the inspection, likewise the date and time schedule for the inspection is 11th Jan Time 9am. does that works with you as well

Sure that’s great thank you

okay, that fine,i am the seller agent for the property and wouldn’t be present at the property moreover I will have someone assist with the lockbox and have all utilities turn on for you. my name is Bryan Ouellette and my email is
please have all report email to me only. I will work on the inspection payment later today or tomorrow morning so we can proceed with the inspection.

Text me your payable name and mailing address where check should be sent to

Pay to
Anna Tita
11459 Woodchuck Drive Boca Raton, FL 33428

Got that! You will be duly notified once the check is on the made out today or tomorrow morning.thank you, the property is vacant, I employ you to call me at the date of inspection, I would put you through to get in… all utilities would be made available for as well.


He is obviously not very good at this. :smile:


Must have run out of ink on his home/basement printer!


If he doesn’t follow through, make sure to send him the cancellation fee invoice!


Perfect, they really stand out after a few attempts

I haven’t received one these scam attempts for a couple weeks now, so I’m about due.

I like the cancellation fee invoice. :grinning: