Scared Me Out of My Skin

Opened up a chimney flue on a brand new home and look what fell out!

Copy of 1311 Catherine Dr. Opelika, AL 011.JPG

dang roofers! hidin’ stuff everywhere nowadays

Did you keep your clothes on though, the clients might have been even MORE A SCARED if not, :wink: that is a word right, A SCARED, :wink:

That big ole hole’s just a trash can till the toperr’s on! :smiley:

Has anyone looked above a suspended ceiling after you told the Sub-Contractor he had to haul his rubbish to the dumbster??

You might be surprised.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

That’s nothing, you should see some of the stuff we buried in the block walls of the basements we built :slight_smile: :wink:

We had a contractor here who pushed all the old stumps and tree parts into a hole, buried it, then proceeded to pour the slab over the top of the whole mess. A few years later, the homeowner was sitting, watching television in his living room when the floor caved in. The contractor ended up in deep sewage for that little stunt. Thats been some years ago but fresh enough in everyone’s memory. I do not believe he builds houses anymore.

“Recommend evaluation (level I (at freakin’ least)) by a licensed, certified and insured chimney sweep before the close of escrow, for Gosh sakes!!!” :shock:

I’ve seen them used as a toilet. I’m not talking liquids either. :neutral:

I think the proper word is Time Capsule:)

I would hate to be the Archaeologist that dug that stuff up :slight_smile:

Scared out of your skin??

Wait until you have one of these things go “WANG” when you have your back to it and not expecting anything to happen.

Closed the door, turned around and about 15 seconds later, “WANG”!

Failed “after” testing.


Looks some one left a fire starter kit for the new owners. Needs more knidling I think. LOL

I know that sound ! I just about pissed my pants when that happened to me :slight_smile:

I know that sound ! I just about pissed my pants when that happened to me :slight_smile:

Doug is right about concrete caving in if wood is buried below it . As the wood decays over time it crumbles and the concrete collapses. I once had a garage building with a 4 inch thick floor. there was one spot about 4 ft. in diameter that always crumbled and I could not keep it patched. I had the luck of bumping into one of the contractors that built it many years ago. When I asked him about the spot on the floor he laughed and said I would never be able to keep that spot patched unless I dug it up and cleaned it out and put crushed stone in there first. I said why, and his reply was that there was a big tree there at one time, when they started to build they cut the tree down and tried to burn the stump and cut it up as best as possible and then poured the floor over it. (no stump grinders back in the day). Sure enough, when I dug it up he was right.

Sometimes around here dampers growl, hiss or whimper at you when you test them. Every once in a while you’ll get a fluttering damper. Operating dampers with short or missing handles can be scary. Long damper handles make you happy.