Scary findings... Anyone discover a dead body in an attic or crawlspace?

I thought this was perfect for the “miscellaneous” message thread…

I was watching the cop show called 48 Hours the other night, I am sure most of you have seen it… homocide detectives track down killers in real cases. Anyways, they discovered two dead bodies in an attic…

I could not imagine coming across a corpse in an attic or crawlspace, but I am sure it has happened!?!?!

Numerous times and discussed on other inspector message boards… Homeowners, tradespeople, vagrants…
Also have located caches of ammo, bombs, grenades, and other items that could cost an inspector their own life.

One of our mottos says it all

“Don’t mess with Texas”

Be careful out there!

I found the remains of a good sized lizard type thing inside a wall once …that was enough for me…

Not quite the same thing, but…
I recently did a pre-listing inspection on a funeral home. The proprietor is an aquaintance of mine, so he was comfortable leaving me alone to do my inspection. I walked into one of the basement rooms, and was surprised to see the table was “occupied!”

I found a dead older lady in her apartment once.
That was a learning experiance.
The paramedics strapped her in and flipped the strecher upside down which freaked me out til one of them looked at me and said …she won’t mind.

I was working in a funeral home once and the machine i was running knocked out all of the lights… as I was plugged into an outlet in the embalming room that was occupied …the embalmer started to follow me downstairs to the main panel wearing his rubber gloves and smock …I promply turned around and said…back off buddy …I’m a breather …your work is upstairs…he kind of laughed but it was still really kreepy…I got out of there as quick as i could…:shock:

Great stories everyone… I will be sure to stay away from Funeral Parlours and stay out out of Texas… ha!

Did a newer home a few years back where the mother had stabbed her two young sons, one died. Strange feeling when checking out kid’s bedrooms with Star Wars decorations. No signs of the act so I didn’t make any comments in my report. I’m not sure how the sellers handled the “disclosures”.

ewwwwwwww creepy stories. Which is another reason I didn’t become a home inspector. The main reason was I am afraid of heights for inspecting roofs. But I don’t like spiders and snakes and dead bodies either. ewwwwww

I found the cremated ashes of the lady that had the house next door for sale. Her ashes were in the closet. CREEPY! I took a picture of the box. I’ll try and find it later today to post it.

How about a headless body on the way to work…

The picture I have will make you blow chunks.

I have only found 1 DB in the crawlspace so far. For some reason the police would not return my pictures.

I guess the worst I’ve had was a dead squirrel (very dead) that dropped out of the fireplace I was inspecting when I opened the damper. You can be certain nothing but my hand is ever in the fireplace when opening the damper any more! :shock: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I haven’t eaten yet Dave…Pictures please! :mrgreen:

I found a dead rattlesnake in a outside A/C Condensing unit once, the fan blade had chewed it up, and the motor burnt up,…I Reported A/C needs professional Attention…And told the buyer…

Thanks, RM

Dead aren’t bad the live mama 'coon with 4 suckled kits was a fiasco for almost 30 minutes! House was furnished and nothing was broken. Thank goodness I carry a beach towel for mishaps/coon traps.

Mama 'coons/possums/skunks…aren’t known for their mild dispositions.

Didn’t do a crawl once because of a bobcat didn’t sex that one either :shock:

Beats waking up next to one :wink:

Does that happen to You a lot Barry ???..:shock:

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Thanks Barry…i can relate…jim