Scenario #5- Opening Protection

1994 house in Coral Gables Has Plans. All openings are covered with protective devices with expired noa’s. The homeowner provides you with the product approvals which are pre sept 94 and certified under Dade county Heti testing protocol… The manufacturer is out of business and Heti records only go back 10 years. The replacement cost of the house is 1.5 million, the agent is your best client, and you have been contracted by the owner’s lawyer. Which opening protection do you give the home, and why?

I pass the inspection to my competition because I will be out of town for the next several months.

The plans are irrelevant. If you are given NOAs you should be using them. I would give them the credit based on the protocol that was listed on the NOA. Dealing with the lawyer, client and agent is easier with the new form.

out of town? noa’s expired. protocol “heti” not listed on 1802, but is relevant

“D” — All exterior openings are fully protected with windborne debris protection that cannot be identified as Miami Dade or Florida Building Code (FBC).

Pre 1994 NOA to my knowledge would need to be compared to post 1994 criteria in order to render an evaluation. If no data is available for the Heti testing, then no comparison or equivalency can be established, and the default would be unidentified.

His insurance drops him(its a high value home) he gets forced placed insurance, a 150,000 bill, and the lawyer calls miami dade product control and gets verification that Heti is in fact large missile equivelant, now what?

An expired NOA is irrelevant unless you going to use it for a permit. If it was an approved product the insurance will have no issue with it.

I dont understand why everyone gets so involved. You have sent in your paperwork with the proper back up documentation. The insurance company disagrees with your findings and rates it differently. He has a lawyer involved. Let them fight it out. Move on to the next inspection.

this is not a reinspection

im just saying you cant find product info for an expired noa#

my point of this is to see if anyone has had any experience with pre-94, pre mdc pa testing, heti for instance… I have come across these several times and they are the equivelant of class a. High value homes need to have class a protection in hvhz to keep insurance. Most owners hire me to verify exactly what the devices are rated or not … when we verify these are not rated, we make recomendations for retrofit-which is big $$. There is alot riding on these inspections, putting not rated and “moving on” is simply out of the question

I missed, you only have a number. Sorry

Dennis Bonner,

What is your answer to your question?

after exhausting due diligence, class-a, equivelant md pa