Scheduled my first inspections!

Good morning all.
I just scheduled my first 2 inspections!
Had a request for another that had to be done by Wednesday. I had to turn that one down as The State of Oregon takes about 10 business days to return your license number.
The other 2 are willing to wait until the following week. They are aware of the situation (waiting on the State).
Here we go!
And Happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there. Enjoy you day!


Good luck to you and hope all goes well for you.

Thank you!

Congratulations. I remember the day I got my first inspection, very exciting times. Good luck sir.

Congratulations. Best of luck to you, and happy fathers day


Are you nervous?

Sweet!! Annnnd he’s off! Like the Kentucky Derby.

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Thank you Debra

You know, kinda strange but I’m not nervous. Been preparing for almost a year. LOTS of great advice from this group.

Yes it is!

Congrats Rex! I hope to be right behind you with some inspections myself. How did you come across these leads?

I am so worried about screwing up that I have come close to giving up the whole idea.

Hi Matt
I’ve been preparing for nearly a year. Not only studying but networking with friends and associates in the real estate industry.

Rex Dodge

Hi Matt
No way can you give up!

Do the work studying and cruise these forums. Do mock inspections. Talk to friends and relatives that have had inspections done. Go do mock inspections on those same homes and compare your report to those they have received. Cover all the bases and you’ll do well.

Go forward and conquer!

Rex Dodge

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Congrats, thanks for the tip on more mock inspections. I feel stuck.

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Thanks for the advice, and good luck to you with your new career endeavor. Keep us posted.