Scheduling How do you handle it?

Ok looking to improve my scheduling system and looking for ideas. Currently, I take the call and scratch notes on a yellow pad. I then enter it into my Google calender, so that I can coordinate with my wife’s and family schedule. Sometimes things get lost in translation, sometimes notes get overlooked.

How do you handle your own scheduling?

If you have Google calendar do you not use the reminder settings?
Not sure how you miss anything on the app if in putted as it syncs with many other apps as well.

My standard answer. ISN :slight_smile:


Nothing blows away clients and Realtors like the touch points you can set up with the ISN system though.

Not to mention the tons of other features.

Mike, I would think your wife and you could use the same scheduling/calendar app that wouls sinc as you both add appointments…no?

all in the iphone. (back it up on your computer though)

Correct, we both use Google calender so we can co-ordinate. My issue is getting it from the paper to the calender. Does anyone use a form? Do you carry a notebook?

I have looked at ISN, I like their product. Perhaps one day…

Your problem right there
Why are you not going straight to note?
Take a picture with camera phone straight to evernote if that helps.
Title a section schedule and transfer it ltr.

Mike anyway you look at it your going to have to type it into either Google or ISN after writing it down unless you ask your client to hold so you can bring your computer up. I simply write it down and look around wishing I had a secretary to hand it off to. Later on that week I get to all I need to enter and cuss a bit during entry but once I am done I am glad because my first year I didn’t do it and had to look through all my reports and gather the info which was a huge pain. I hate doing the books lol.

So none of you guys jots it down and takes a instantly transferred picture with your phone?

By the time I snap a picture fumble with the phone to send it over I could of just opened Google or ISN and just entered the data :). I’m a bit slow. lol So your telling me you take a pic send it somewhere and all your fields in whatever you use as a database fills right in for you?

I have tryed to use google, outlook and a couple of others. What I use is called pocket calender. This is how it works: go to staples and buy a small pocket calender. Imput the last name into the date and time. Put in pocket. Simple and effective.

O ya, forgot to say that it is easy to imput your families stuff by giving it to your wife and have her imput information!!!

Troy, I love what you have built in such a short time. The problem I have with ISN and have always wondered about is, does there ever get to be a personal connection and relationship building.

The people who use us, have a relationship with Shelly my secretary and they feel like family and it makes it very comfortable and she is very good at what she does.

Can ISN do that? I am not knocking ISN, I am really asking the question

I would have Shelly start using ISN. ISN can’t answer the phone or make the sell so she is still needed. :slight_smile:

ISN is a scheduler and database tool. I am still the one who fields the calls.

ISN gives me an opportunity to build a database, run business reports, send inspection reports, sends reminder emails and texts to clients and agents etc…

I feel it gives my business side a professional and polished approach with agents and clients.

No but I think in pictures anyway so sometimes if worried a note might get lost I give myself insurance by taking a cell shot of a scribbled note with my smart phone which has excellent optics and could be enhanced any if needed.
If you have one of the newer phones dropbox is already included in some models with plenty of free space as a bonus for one year.
Dropbox automatically sends your pics to the desktop anyway so later on when you have time just open the camera folder on the real computer and all your notes are waiting for your manipulation pleasure.

Evernote app has OCR capability and it does work with some light editing on typos,etc by the way.
Actually you could even record your voice if that is how you roll.
The new Evernote has gotten so good I stopped using all other note taking apps.

This thread has me thinking of something not seen since Brian Kelly…hmmmm

Nothing beats my day planner book and small spiral notebook. They are with me 24/7. Always ready to jot a note or book an appointment.