Scheduling Software

I am wondering if anyone out there has some recommendations for scheduling software that provides appointment reminders. I also would like to be able to attach my pre-inspection agreement with the appointment reminder. Does anyone have any suggestions?

ISN - Inspection Support Network.

Here is the link:Inspection Support Network

I like ISN. It sends out reminders and keeps track of schedule. Link with your google calendar. Store contacts. And more.

Home Gauge appointment manager, Spectora and ISN are the ones I know about.

There’s always somebody or some company willing to help you run your business or manage your money for a piece of the pie. Ever hear the old saying, “With your income there should be enough there for both of us.” For 15 years I’ve used a Daytimer paper system. My reminder system is simple: I look at it every day. If you’re a one man show, I don’t see why you’d need anything more. My goal is to maximize profits. Are there better ways to do it? Probably, but it comes with a cost and I don’t see a need to share the wealth.

$4.95 at Staples