Schooled by the AHJ

In Canada it is not in the NBC that ledger boards need to be bolted to the wall. In facy a ledger board is not even required if the floor is built with 2X10 or equivalant rim joist. I called up not having bolts on a home and they ran to the AHJ. They will not install because of him and the seller won’t sign off because they are not there. It a mucking fess.
My report read:
It is Recommended deck ledger board be bolted to house with appropriately sized lag bolts by a qualified contractor for safety.

You mean the AHJ is schooled by you!:smiley:

It was pretty heated Kevin. He had the ABC and I had the NBC and the IRC out and neither of us would budge on it. He would not listen to reason. Even after I pointed out the fact that I built his house and installed the ledger with lag bolts!!! I just sent over a few horror stories of deck failure. I get his side of the issue though. If it is not in the code he cannot superceide it in any way.:twisted:

The only time the AHJ gets schooled is when they take the exam.LOL

Not much you can do, but I would stick to your report and not budge an inch.

I did, I did say safety and not code. Around here if you built to minimum the house would fall over!!

I always say According to Safety Standards Today!
I have on occasion shown people why and that generally includes opening the can of worms about minimum codes.
Some Real Estate Agents like it while others open there mouths and stick there foot in.

I like to see Realtors with foot in mouth disease!!!:twisted: