Schuyler Hellings of CH Insurance will be flying in from NY to be in Melbourne.

Don’t miss it!

LMAO…I have seen less talent at NATIONAL conventions! Congrats on a well ran meeting. My hats off to Michelle ( she gets first billing), John, Dennis and Nick. Gonna be a hoot!

I don’t understand what you mean by “less talent”. Talent at doing what? Can you explain?

I mean that there are great people showing up to this meeting and that at national meetings there have been less people of this caliber.

Oh. OK. I get it.

We have people flying in from 12 states so far.

LMAO…Just because I respond to you post doesn’t mean its always negative…:wink:

You have me trained like a dog to believe it is always negative. :smiley:

Looks like we’ll have two Canadian members coming and one guy from Dubai.

Thanks Russ! :smiley:

I cant wait. First shot of patron is on Russell

No arguments here!

I’ll have to inspect those shots of Patron - Probably will be an invasive inspection!

If I were in NY I would be looking for any excuse to leave the ice and snow too. Heck, a warm handshake would be enough.