Scott signs law steering homeowners away from Citizens


Only for those guys doin’ $35 four point inspections.

Why is that? I hate citizens 4 point and charge more to do the asinine thing. $150 stand alone. I rarely get them because fools do them for pennies.

Regular 4 point stand alone $100 to $125 depending citizens stand alone $150 unless I am in one hell of a good mood or past client or something. I HATE 4 POINTS

Definitely one you either want to keep your mouth shut until paid and check clears or get paid first in cash or money order so you can chat away and tell the client how many ways they will be screwed.

NOTHING has relieved more stree doing inspections better than payment upon arrival before I begin.

Now if we can only get attics to be 70 degrees when I am in them i would like my job :slight_smile:

And what will happen to that money once Citizens is reduced…

Corporate executive bonuses I’m sure.

That’s why I wish to become a corporate executive :slight_smile:

There is once again talk of National Catastrophe Insurance this is what is needed, that way we could dump Citizens and allow insurance companies to go back to doing what they’re good at… Selling fire, theft & liability insurance.

Thanks for sharing Roy, great read! :cool:

Darn it ! Joseph
I agree with you for once.

You are welcome.