Screw size for mitigation

What size would you assign this screw on the mitigation form? This is a re-roof in 2010. I know the ruler is horrible it’s been replaced.



Screw Size.jpg

That is not a screw, it is a ring shank nail. I can not tell the length without knowing the roof deck thickness.

Sorry ring shank. The deck is 5/8. I believe it to be #8 but it may have been driven in at an angle. Would 2 3/8 qualify John. This is a re-roof in 2010.


I have not seen them in sizes smaller than 8D but maybe that is just me.

I assume it is 8D or greater but have been wrong more than once :frowning:

A great many times that elusive shiner is not close enough or visible from the hatch area. We should not be belly crawling all around an attic looking for the perfect photo example.

I say 8D ring shank and would put that picture on the form with NO explanation.

iN OTHER words here is the proof shot like it or lump it.

Thanks Mike.

Your ruler is near impossible to read. There are 2 3/8" 8d nails, usually called sinkers.

Thanks John. I appreciate the help. Yes, that ruler was put out of service. I bought a metal one I now use.



Just send the picture in, 8D, and get the nailing affidavit from the city…it was permitted, right? :mrgreen:

Yes. I have all the permit info. I’ll have to ask the owner to go into the City’s building dept. for the affidavit. Davie used to not, but, now they have the information online which makes it much more easier to get the permit info.



def. 8d ring shank

FYI for all Home Depot has 6 inch thin steel rulers that work well for $1.97 a pop. Buy a couple, you’ll lose them.

Love them. Drill a hole in the back end and attach a key chain hook. It helps cut down on the losses. :smiley:
…Now where did I leave my 150.00 flash light?

Lol thanks I needed that my phone and internet have been down all day too besides having a broken foot.