Scumbag NAHI hits new low at ASTM meeting yesterd

Okay Mario, I read your cut and paste, but what does it mean to you? If this will help… I think it means that they are trying to set a national standard and get rid of the association splits on these matters. Money driven?? Is that not the NACHI way? ASHI way?

I think that the associations are crapping there pants that they didn’t think of this first and are now crying over it. Not a bias, just an observation. Unlike some of the other chest pounders on the board I need more facts, and the facts are not out there yet as to what the standards would be.

It’s called CREDIBILITY!!!

I just don’t get you guys.

WTF does it mean to you? can you answer that?

Maybe you should think of laying off the LaBatts blue.

WTF do you care what it means to me.

The WTF’s are not engendering a thoughtful conversation. Are consumers “lacking confidence” in professional inspector’s Standards? Does the industry need ASTM to big-brother 30+ sets of already-established jurisdictional (state) standards? Or, does ASTM figure that the vast majority of us are doddering idiots, slobbering on our chins, constantly tucking our shirts-in over our fat bellies, and crapping our pants twice a day???

I’ve already paid $40+ for the pleasure of owning my very own copy of ASTM E2018-01, printed in an environmentally-friendly manner on 40% post-consumer recycled materials. In the absence of any other Standard, it works fine (mostly), but still fails to provide any great revelation to the commercial property inspection world. Most investors are clueless about the ASTM Standard, and many (most?) commercial realtors have only a passing acquaintance with it. I suspect hundreds of commercial inspections are performed across the nation every day, many of them good and thorough inspections, which are NOT 2018-compliant or accordant. Life goes on. I can’t see how ASTM has any shot in instilling greater “confidence” in consumers regarding their professional home inspector. Anyone care to explain how the industry and its reputation among consumers can be improved with an ASTM Standard???

Christopher, Wise counsel. Thanks.



Right on Chris!!