Scumbag NAHI who thinks any logo with a home in it is theirs, sues Catholic church.

Is there no bottom to scumbag NAHI.

The link you provided goes to the Catholic Church page,
but no story about a law suite.

This is a joke, right, Nick? Has a suit actually been filed?

Yes, it is a joke. Scumbag NAHI stupidly did sue NACHI claiming that any symbol or logo with a house in it was an infringement on their logo, no joke.

Yeah…and hopefully the affidavits like the one I sent and your good attorneys have SQUASHED that bug…any updates?

We had 4 lawyers work on it and each one giggled. Its kind of like having a car dealer run around saying other car dealers can’t depict cars on their signs.

Maybe I’ll stop calling them scumbag NAHI and start calling them stupid scumbag NAHI.

Thats to funny !!!


They sued a 5 year old for drawing a picture of a house in Kindergarten too.

Then they sued mouse because it rhymes with house.

You know Nick is bored when his humor reaches this level.