ScumbagNAHI at it again.

“Never mind NAHI in the USA, what about our problem in Canada with regards to CAHPI and National Certification and the attributed comments about CREA?”

I wouldn’t undermine the situation with NAHI at all. However, as a Michigan Home Inspector, Is this suit something I should be concened about?

In the words of Joe Hagerty : Why would NAHI sue NACHI, of all places, in Michigan.

I would like to see a law in Michigan that would not allow Realtors to “recommend” inspectors, but to provide a list to buyers, sellers, etc., as in Massachusetts (I believe).

Thanks Larry It is nice to get support from all our southern Friends .
It is the living of many Canadian Home inspectors that CAHPI is trying take over.
We will keep trying to show all, that NACHI does more for all inspectors every where then any other association .
This open BB is a prime example where all are welcome .
All the Associations BB are closed to none members.
Even the private BB removes those who speak out .
It is owned by Bill Mullen the Leader of the National Certification and information is still not given out .
More Canadians get much of their information on the NACHI BB.
Roy sr.

Quick NACHI search indicates it came from other sources…so don’t try to pin that on me!

The list of Examiners will be noted in short while. As Chief Examiner - we are still in the process of training examiners and also rolling out TIPR’s to applicants. Examiners are not automatically appointed - they must undergo training, testing and validation within the process. They also must be part of the process and support the process. This includes final approval by the National Certification Authority and based on recommendation by the Chief Examiner after evaluation and a background review - just like everyone else!

Its also unfortunate to hear that some NACHI applicants have decided to opt out. Thats truly unfortunate, and yet again plays an interesting twist to those that decided to stay.


Joe, why bother? :roll::roll::roll:

What a joke.

Joe H:

You keep asking the same question. Who are you asking? Who on this thread do you think is a member of NAHI who could answer for them?

I suggest you speak to the person making the comments to realestate agents. He obviously has been given some form of task and now is embellishing his role to bolster his overblown ego for whatever motivation.

As to some Nachi members backing out, give them credit. This whole process has turned out to be a “trust us” scenario. Nothing is together, and it certainly seems it is being made up as it goes. The Application for Background Review speaks to the issue of demands being made that are out of order considering the demand members practice under someone elses SOP/COE or else they will be turft. People who have applied are being processed and being told the rules of the game in an unprofessional piece meal manner. No one knows of the committments they are have undertaken because of the lack of info and the rules of engagement.

Not to mention the other serious concern about this whole process supposedly meeting CAN P9 which we know is not necessarily true because the whole program has not been audited, it is being sold as if it is. If that is not misleading and deceitful I don’t know what is.

Claude you say it is unfortunate to “see that some NACHI applicants have decided to drop out” .
I feel they made a good decesion .
CAHPI only allowed a very few NACHi members the chance to take your exam.
Just maybe this was to try and show how fair OAHI/CAHPI is ??? (Ha!)
This was just a few crumbs it looks like very unbalanced to me .
We all know OAHI/CAHPI is like grapes withering on the vine .
They absolutely need the backing of newcomers to survive.
With out them your association would soon colapse from lack of funds.
Threating legal action from OAHI/CAHPI leaders is nothing but a smear campain to try and stop the questions regarding ( looks like a corrupt group to me ) why there has not been a proper examination of the books ( After all two (2) treasures have stated there is a big finical problem )
This association is in complete disarray and gives little information and does not answer questions.

The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day!


Doesn’t the paper you get served with when the suit is filed indicate the nature of the complaint? That is not mentioned in your post, and I (for one) am curious as to the nature of the complaint…this may also be part of Joe H.'s question which could be answered by those who were served with papers (perhaps you, Joe F. or the corporate office)?

If it is not for public consumption, maybe it would be wiser to not start the thread and generate curiosity, although I always err in favor of disclosure…

Joe M: No. No complaint discloses the plaintiff’s strategy for filing it in one jurisdiction over another.

I’ll start-off with the complete filing once I get it, though it won’t answer Joe H’s question he keeps asking over and over. Once we counter and get to discovery I’ll post lots of fun reading.