SD breakers Double Tap

I know SD makes breakers that can be doubled tapped but can their tandem breakers be doubled taped also?


Didn’t think so,Thanks

Agree… no.

Terry, this is what they look like:

Also many Square D panels do not allow tandems, some do, at specific locations on the bus bar.

I don’t remember where I got this but it appears connected like a possible 240 V breaker.

Anyone know for sure?

That’s a bolt-on breaker where the screws attach to the bus. Only house you’ll ever see that in is one owned by a sparky. :smiley:

Thanks, Robert. :slight_smile:

Can it be use as 240 volts?

Yes, it’s pretty much a standard 2-pole circuit breaker but instead of using snap type clips to attach to the bus it uses screws (bolts) threaded into holes in the bus, hence the name bolt-on.

Thanks for the education, Robert! I appreciate it. :smiley:

My pleasure. :cool: