SE clearance

Is it OK for the SE to be connected to the fascia as long as there is a 10ft clearance from ground? The house is 1930. Does the 3ft above roof line apply or is the house grandfathered?
Thanks guys.

Not picking on you, but who came up with the notion that the service must be 3 ft above the roof line? Is this something being taught to inspectors during training?

Under-eave connections are acceptable so long as minimum clearances are maintained from the ground, driveway, windows, etc.

If the SEC passes OVER a roof, I believe there is supposed to be 3 ft of clearance. But I don’t know of any requirement that it has to attach 3 ft above the roof, as Jeff stated.

As Mark and Jeff said, if it is over the roof you need the 3’ of clearance. If the proper clearance from the ground can be met without needing to go above the roof you are fine.

Although the house is 1930 the service is not. The meter looks a little too high (POCO issue). Also I would guess that the minimum clearances above the ground aren’t met either. The 10’ is measured to the bottom of the drip loop. Looks like they didn’t want to go through with the added expense of installing a mast through the roof.

I got 10.5 ft from drip to ground so the clearance is there. That was actually a test question on the state exam the 3ft clearance from roof. I just wanted to know if the age of the house negates the 3ft. rule.

Often it is more productive to refer to safety issues rather than try to keep track of certain code cycles under which a house was permitted or built.

How tall does the meter reader need to be to read that meter?

That was my point. There is no “3 ft rule” as you have described.