SE Florida InterNACHI Chapter meeting in Pembroke Pines, FL on April 17, 2008.


**Hi All **

… as you can see YOUR Local SE Florida NACHI Chapter Board has been active ….

Yep, your Chapter VP Jay Schwartz, and I have set up another local chapter meeting …

… it is as follows:

**WHO **
We are having our 2nd meeting this year and it is, as usual, open to ALL.

Of course we Welcome our own NACHI membership, and ALL other Organization’s Inspectors, ALL Independents Inspectors and those of you who are may be new into Professional Building Inspections.

**WHAT **
We are having a Great Speaker talking about a misunderstood subject – INSPECTING POOLS and SPAS.

Yes, many of you newer guys (and a few not so newer guys) disclaim pools and spas. Maybe this is good thing and maybe not.

Come learn about pool and spa inspections for home inspectors, by a fellow home inspector. This is a big difference … sure, a pool contractor or a pool maintenance company can inspect a pool system, but they always have a different perspective than a home inspector.

From our perspective, they usually get it all wrong.

  • <LI class=MsoNormal style=“MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt”>Oh, that great speaker happens to be yours truly … but before you tune out and yawn, remember I have been teaching Pools and Spas nationally for some 5 years AND I usually get paid big bucks to teach this. <LI class=MsoNormal style=“MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt”>Because of the length of my inspecting career and where I practice, I probably have inspected more pools and spas that any other home inspector in the world. Over the past 31 years and with over 14,000 inspections I have learned a bit about inspecting and then reporting on Pools and Spas.
  • FYI, for the 2008 Inspection Universe (a big deal), have been retained to offer a 4 hour mini-seminar on the subject. Come and get a preview of that course for FREE and bring any and all your Pool and Spa inspection questions with you. Sure, your photos are welcome, but listen, I have seen a lot of your field photos and well, to be kind, remember maybe you know what you are looking at, but will anybody else ??
    Our State NACHI Organization is sorta stagnant right now … and we are looking to change this and YOU to help us to grow our organization
    Hear about your local NACHI Chapter and other national news.

Our point-man on the State Licensing Bill, Jay Schwartz our own Chapter VP, will have a report on what is and what is NOT going on with this New Law in Tallahassee.

Again I have scoured the earth … OK … so again I limited my scour to Central Broward … and we are returning to a past favorite … yes, it’s off the beaten track, and of course, it’s a somewhat different and weird place to have our meeting. Sooo ?? … Why Not ??? … You guys know me … go figure.
On the Down Side, the meeting room it is in a secluded, but not private, area of the restaurant. But on the ***Up Side, we have secured an All You Can Eat BBQ Dinner with a soft drink beverage and ******gratuity included for just $ 20. ***

[FONT=Arial]Meet & Eat BBQ Cafe
8389 Pines Boulevard
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024 [/font]

Our dinner host, Steve Gitonga, the owner of the Meet & Eat BBQ, offers
A contemporary BBQ Café with an Afro-Caribbean Flavor

This is a different type of BBQ than what you might be used to … the starters and sides are buffet style and the main BBQ entrees are served at your table. And yes, to cater to most of you guys requests, again we are offering you “an all you can eat” meal. Go ahead, visit his website.

There is NO OTHER cost to you. Our meeting, the education, the All You Can Eat BBQ Dinner with Drink and Gratuity included for just **$ 20 **

Yes, we continue to even amaze ourselves. BUT to keep this cost down … the dinner is a CASH ONLY deal. We re looking for ** 20 CASH .**.. no checks or credit. This area has a lot of Banks and other ATM machines around. Tap out a 20 and come join us.

**WHEN **
Thursday the 17 of April 6:30 – 8:45 PM

**WHY **
Get on-going continuing education credits
Learn from your fellow inspectors and industry experts
Get fed with an All You Can Eat BBQ
Get all the “latest” gossip and camaraderie with your fellow chapter members, old friends and new acquaintances

**RSVP …… Required **
To reserve your space, to keep our cost down and to let our host know with as much advance as possible, YOU MUST RSVP back to me personally at by Monday the 14th of April.
We need 12 attendees as a minimum to make this happen. We should get about 25 responses … so see you there.

Mark your calendar, fire up Outlook and make the entry … and join me and all your friends …


** JUST $ 20 CASH … **

** OH, DID I MENTION IT’S … $ 20 CASH ??? **

Your NACHI SE Florida Chapter President:

Steve Jawitz, P.E.