Sea Tow gift card only $40

Yes! For new Sea Tow members. 1 year membership.
I got mine at Sam’s club at the gift card rack.
That is a heck of a deal when the normal membership fee is $179.
I was getting ready to buy the membership when a friend of mine told me about this.
Nick should get us Sea Tow and/or Boats US discounts.

Best $40 bucks you will ever spend if you are a boater. Without a doubt. Use them once and it is worth the money and if you spend enough time on the water you WILL need them Eventually.

Yep! The average tow I’ve been told without Sea Tow is $1300.

Yeah it sure as hell adds up fast if you are any distance away from your home port. I would not own a boat without it. Great service normally as well.

Thanks for the heads up Roy.

My friend found it for me at the Pinellas Park Sams.
The people at Sams don’t have a clue about. Just look at the gift card rack.

Here is what it looks like…

LOL, I was just at that very store, not more than an hour ago. There is a one-day sale on the 17th.

I know where you are at that is why I told you.
Get it Brother ! You can’t beat that deal…Huh?


Thanks Roy, I’ll be grabbing one.

Darn, Costco here no Sam’s membership:neutral: I’ll give $50 to pick one up for me;-):smiley:

I’ll get you one Dave. No need for a tip.:cool:

Sweet!!! Thanks Brad!! :smiley: :lol:

I’ll probably swing by there tomorrow or this weekend…need milk too.