Sea Walls and Docks

If any inspectors have a home inspection by the water and need a sea wall inspection or boat dock inspection from the under water please let me know. I am a Scuba diver with underwater cameras and can document any unseen problem from the surface. I have a little more information about this on my web site. Pricing would have to be a case by case bases as it will depend on the location.

I was writing a a course on that very subject about a year and a half ago and took a break from it for a while. I used to do commercial diving work and have inspected close to 1000 docks, sea walls, dams, and bridges. Let me know if you ever need a hand with something.

How this coming along?

Hello Scott,

Let me know if you ever do the course. I would like to a part of that


That would be a cool course.

This is a great course! After that our specialists realized in the sphere of
underwater inspection

Cool good to know I assume you’ll coversome of dade and some of palm beach as well.

Cool good to know I assume you’ll cover some of Dade and some of Palm Beach as well.

I got a mask and snorkel :smiley:

I am just a regular ole certified diver also :slight_smile:

09 thread.

Well I bet he has done 1000’s more now :slight_smile: