Sea walls inspections in south carolina

I’m about to take the South Carolina State licensing exam for becoming a Home Inspector and am wondering if Internachi offers a course in Sea Wall Inspection. ???

Not that I know of, Robert…

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Thanks for responding. I know there are companies installing sea walls that offer inspections as a part of their services here along the coast line in Myrtle Beach, but I’m thinking it could be a nice add on capability for an inspector in this area, since sea walls are very prevalent…

There are a couple really good engineering seminars on marine structure inspections and maintenance. You might want to use that search term.

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Great suggestion, thanks!

Here’s a report on sea walls by John Doe. Might be an idea to do a coarse on bulk heads, mitigate soil erosion and movement as well.
Think of the sea wall inspection similar to, but not exactly like, a retaining wall inspection.

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Very helpful, thank you!