Seahawks or Patriots. Let the trash talking begin.

Seahawks with the win to defend their Championship.

Gronk will be covered by Chancellor. Two bulls going head to head. While Gronk seems like a beast, he is injury prone. Forearm, back, knee… They are all more vulnerable to re-injury. There is little size mis-match with Chancellor. Chancellor is just the player to add to those woes.

Not sure if Sherman will switch sides to follow Edelman so that could be interesting. If Edelman goes over the middle, Bobby Wagner will be putting a hurt on him.

The trick deception plays won’t work with Seattle. They do not follow pre-snap movement but play defense after the snap. The #1 defense will rise to the occasion.

You saw what happened to the #1 offense and QB last year, and this year’s Seahawks Defense is better than last years. The question is, Can the Seahawks offense score enough points to be ahead at the end of the game…


I will be cheering on the Seahawks because I don’t want Belicheck to tie Noll for Super Bowl wins (even though he deserves it) and I don’t want the Patriots to tie Pittsburgh in SB wins either.

I’ll also be cheering on my yearly wings and sliders that will be joining me for the game.

Chancellor can & will destroy anyone, especially the little Welker-like players. Gronk is just a tad bigger than Vernon Davis and you most certainly know how many times and how hard he’s been “stamped” by Kam.
Make no mistake, receivers know when doing a crossing route or catching a short pass, their life is on the line.
Sherman won’t move & the field will be cut in half, like always :D.

Go Hawks!

Go Seahawks!!

Though the outcome may depend on who has the softest balls.

Seattle’s defense is better? I say it’s smoke and mirrors. Who did they play to get the top defense? St Louis? A sliding Kapernick? Green Bay showed you can run on the hawks, a stat that Bill will eat up. Pats are healthy and will win their 4th. 28-24

Patriots will take this one. My prediction is 19-17

:twisted:Tom Brady has deflated balls.
Just ask Gisele!:twisted:

Seattle may have the better defense, but how will they score more than 14 points? Not seeing the Seahawks winning, Go Pats!

For the haters, and the ridiculous deflate gate BS: Brady could have played with a pineapple, large rock, brick, or ping pong ball, the colts had no chance, this is just more haterade consumers. I grew up rooting for a crappy home team, glad to see it turn around.

You must have been watching a different game. 135 total yards is not a good rushing day. Green Bay was not able to run or they would have scored inside the 1 yard line. Had they been able to score touchdowns instead of field goals, the game wouldn’t have been close. But with starts on the Seattle 19 and 23, they came away with 6 points after stalling on the 1 yard line. The other 3 field goals were because they stalled on the 25-35 yard line. 5 field goals due to an inability to run. Try again.


I don’t think he’s been watching NFL football at all for the past couple of years :wink:
The NFC West is the epitome of defense.

Steve 135 isn’t a good rushing day…it is when you have Tom Brady…See the ravens game they don’t even need to run, the only running plays in the second half were kneel downs. If the pats gain 135 rushing yards the Hawks have no chance, play action will be in full effect, TB 12 will carve them up, yes even Sherman. Can’t wait to se Gronk throw Sherman “out the club”…

careful Seahawk fans, they have history of cheating, looks like they were willing to cheat again

What is it with Bellichick and the cheating?
He has a great QB and other players and staff
and they still have to cheat to win?:mad:

It must be in his DNA.

If this latest cheat is confirmed by NFL I hope it prevents Bellichik
from getting into the hall of fame.

And why have they been the epitome of defense? Because of the offensive juggernauts in the west? The hawks d was good last year and even this year, not 85 Bears good though. Pats will run and play action them to death. Brady gets #4.

I’m really not so much of a fan…
I will be rooting for the Seahawks for obvious reasons.
That’s some real dirt bag stuff NE got caught on.
Didn’t they also get caught for spying on an opposing team once?

Seahawks … Pats who gives a crap. Bucks won the big game.:mrgreen:


31-13 Patriots cake walk :slight_smile:
good luck Stephen!

Lafell, Wright, or Humanwananooi (SP??) for MVP

Seahawks 27-23. 2 picks and 1 fumble recovery.

The MVP should be Marshawn Lynch with 1 rushing td and 1 receiving td, but the stupid sports writers will never vote for him due to his lack of wanting to speak with the press. The public doesn’t carry enough sway in the balloting to make a difference. My guess is Russell Wilson will get his first MVP although it could be another defensive player if one of the picks goes back for 6.

At least 1 NE receiver will go out hurt due to a hit by Kam Chancellor.
Blount will end up on the bench because he pisses Belichick off in some way.