sealed foundations

I inspected a 3000+ SF house yesterday. I could not locate the crawl space access. When I inquired from the homeowner they informed me that the rasied foundation was a sealed foundation. Since the property is located very close to the Atlantic ocean in Virginia beach I am sure that it is a design to help minimize flooding and hydrostatic pressure created in a flooded typical crawl space.

I would love some design details on this system of foundations and some web sites or companies to learn more.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

According to the link “sealed” doesn’t mean “no access hatch”, it means “no crawlspace vents”. The purpose of the sealed design is to prevent warm moisture-laden air from entering the crawspace and condensing upon coming into contact with cold materials in the crawspace, thus creating a moisture problem.

Either the builder failed to install an access hatch or it’s well hidden.