Search Engine Metrics Report

In searching the millions of web pages on InterNACHI I came across the Search Engine Metrics Report

Only problem is there is no link on this page that allows you to run a report on my web site for free. There is a logo at the bottom of the page that takes you to MOZ but even if you do the 30 day trial it wants a credit card. Am I missing something or is this not a free test you can perform? I would like to see how effective changes to my site and my SEO strategy are.

Thanks Ken

try this link, put your web site in, then type in the key words, see your rank. Not certain exactly how accurate it is, but its close.

Thanks Mike, I’ll go check it out.

That web site didn’t work very well at all.

hmm, did it give you a site ranking?

I get a ranking from google, bing, yahoo, maybe its down, although its free so you get what you pay for.