Search Engine Optimization

Hello Rookie here does anyone have any advice on how to generate business? Im hitting up realtors posting ads on line and have a website. Any other advice that one could give would be great also any SEO tips would be greatly appreciated

Hi Tom,

I’ve written dozens are articles for Home Inspectors. You can read them all by going to and click on Website Optimization Tips on the left menu (towards the bottom).

yup, i spent a couple days on Dom’s site picking up great ideas…search the threads, I’ve been a member like a year and a half and this topic resurfaces all the time, you may not get lots of answers, but look in the archives too…

Have a thick skin when you ask advice there are guys who are awesome and some guys trying to help but can be “a little rough around the edges” dont take them personally…

Dom and his Home Inspector Pro software are the best out there, if you don’t have a reporting software program yet you should try out his free trial. Dom and his guys are also great if you run into any problems along the way.

Thanks Guys !

Hey Dominic I’m watching your video do you use a space in between the hyphens

he doesnt

What Mike said!