Search Engine Usage

Rank Search Engine Volume

  1. 65.98%
  2. 20.88%
  3. 5.33%
  4. 4.14%

Thanks John

It’s surprising MSN hasn’t increased at all with Vista being out and their search engine being built into so many places. But, that’s why it’s best to worry about targeting google!

If a tree falls and google did not hear it, did it make a noise?

of course not, nor will anyone be able to find the tree

It may not make any noise, but Google will find it. Over 548,000 hits for “fallen tree”. :shock:"fallen+tree"&btnG=Google+Search

Yes, but people were probably there to see those trees fall.

Some one at Micky dees told me that Goggle is buying into wi -fi.

They are trying to buy an entire spectrum. I don’t think it’s gone through yet. Their bid was for a few billion dollars.

Do you get all your info at McDonalds?