Sears Home Inspection

What can you tell me about Sears… Roy

I can not call from here their Number will not except Ontario calls …
**Not impressed with the sample report and It looks like Carson Dunlop is the report supplier as Graham Clarke is the Inspector **

If you haven’t looked in awhile…

That is a Horizon Report.
I used them before Home Inspector Pro.

Has tons of links and illustrations.(almost too many)

That has to be the most pathetic, and useless report I have come across to date.
I would be embarassed to hand that to someone.

Wow, a report that gives the customer almost no information about the condition of a property. Realtors will love it. Sears will be taking over all the Realtor referral work.

I think he was just illustrating the report layout.
Horizon is good for what it is but needs to be customized or the software is controlling too much, including your report.

I would hope you’re right Bob, I know Horizon can generate a much better report than that.

I have obviously been confusing my clients with far too much information for all these years such as ‘address of inspected property’ and many others !

The layout is fine as I have always liked the look, but there needs to be more narrative dialog as you do not want a report with more links to general info than issues.

When starting out I loved all the illustrations for filler but My darn reports are 70 plus pages on HIP as it is so I assume they would be over 100 pages average with all this stuff added in.

Horizon is also way over priced.(You can never own it).

I’ve been using Reporthost and find it suits my particular needs for English language Reports.

Gilles R. Larin

Wow, 13 pages and 2 pics… most of them talking about the landscape… thats extensive, good work Sears!!

What are the fee schedules?

It’s crap like that Sears stuff that kills the professional.

Actually it could be of help for a quality home inspector. Link to that Sears Report on your website next to a good personal sample report and state:

“Would you prefer to hire an inspector with an easy to read detailed report loaded with information of the home you just had inspected, or would you rather have a Sears inspection?” :smiley:

YEPP!!! Locally, a few years ago, Sears bought out ESSO (EXXON) furnace sales/service business. I steer clients away from Sears and tell them to use 1 of 3 smaller Nova Scotia based businesses.

Since they are smaller, they must offer better service, etc in order to compete with the behemoths.

Anyone who does sub-contract work for the Holmes crew is required to use Horizon software.

Little Mikey is trying hard!! Earlier tonight, ran into a competitor at a pub in my area outside Halifax. He was approached by the Holmes org, allowed himself to be interviewed and is waiting for a response from them. He’s not sure he will go with them…just waiting.

But he is impressed with all the Holmes “flash”. When I told him Mikey’s guys are offering discounts to get inspections, he screwed up his face!!:mrgreen::mrgreen::frowning: He’s down on inspections, worked at carpentry all week…so may jump at a perceived opportunity.

I’m not doing a home inspection, I am doing an apple inspection lol :wink: