Sears Kit house

Was informed today that this was either a Sears and sawbuck or Monkey Ward Kit house. Read another post somewhere about these kit houses on this board but don’t remember when. This house was moved from one side of town to the other at a cost of $60K which is twice the amount of the present offer. I have observed many homes being moved but never a two story must of been a job.

They’ve been doing this on land and water for a long time
We have a strip of a few city blocks where all of the houses are being relocated or razed for the land to put in new McMansions

It’s pretty cool to watch and ever time the move one the signal lights have to come down

Don’t think you had to worry about traffic lights back then. That is you is it not standing in front of the steam engine–))

Charlie - From the looks of the picture that was a Craftsman Model #2347

The picture of the house that Charley posted looks very much
like the one that Berry posted (house on the water)… I thought
they were the same house when I first looked at them.

**I thought “how many times have they moved that house!!!”

I had a house that looked identical about twenty years ago and it was a kit from there. It was a Sears Roebuck kit around turn of previous century

Now this may be one of the biggest house moves in Cape May NJ.

Very interesting thanks for the link

I think the first one is a houseboat…and the second one is a mobile home around the turn of the century.:wink: :roll: :roll:

Technically, I think you got it…:mrgreen: