Sears Tower to be renamed for new tenant

This will be hard to get used to…

They announce it a while ago, I think it will generally be called the Sears Tower for at least a generation (at least by the locals). :wink:

Just like that minor league baseball team here still plays in Comiskey Park even though that has been renamed. :cool:

I still call Allstate arena the Horizon and G-D only kitchen knows what the World Theater,Twitter Center etc is named this year.

Rick I also call it the Cell as it kinda fits plus the old owner really sucked from everything I read in history.

Bill Veek deserves the name more in my book.

The Willis Group’s owner told reporters that he wanted people to nick name it “Big Willy”.

Now, if I can only get them to paint it orange!!!

Please, people, start a letter writing campaign!!!

And I thought it was named for Bruce Willis :slight_smile:

They’re even considering painting it silver. As the years pass, it keeps getting smaller. There are three buildings now taller than it, soon to be a fourth.


and Rick… pertaining to that ‘minor league’ team, here’s some numbers you hate to hear…**2005 **!! :smiley:

It is still the tallest building in the world if you count the antenna.:cool:

Ouch :frowning:

Without checking, I thinkthe CN Tower is higher and possibly the one inDubai.

It is still the tallest in the USA

Well if they ever get done building the arn thing I think the Spire will be the tallest.