Seas rising, but FL keeps buildiing on the coast. Scientific American article.

The biggest threat to south Florida water right now is big sugar/ water management policies.

A bigger problem:

I built my dock 21 years ago, and it was much higher than docks around it in N. Naples, FL. then. Since then I have marked high water points – storms etc. The tides aren’t any different now than they were in 1996 at my dock, seems like if the “seas” level went up, so would the bay. Maybe the liberal’s rulers are shrinking. :slight_smile: Newer docks have been built at the same height as mine, guess we will be dead before people don’t have to use a ladder to get in the boat.

Look at Google maps and notice the coffee that is getting dumped into the gulf, the Atlantic and Florida Bay.

I don’t need google maps…it is in my backyard!