Season Change in a Blink

Woke up this AM to a change in scenery.


It was about 70 degrees in central Missouri, yesterday.:cool:

Great !!! Coming back from beautiful Rhode Island and stuck in the Milwaukee airport since flights have been canceled to Minneapolis this afternoon. Why do we live in the “Great White North” again Michael ?:shock:

You Don’t :slight_smile:
We do


I keep wondering that myself Jeff.

I couldn’t pus the stuff more than 6 ft. before it stopped dead in it’s tracks.

It took hours to shovel my drive and it was clear for about two minutes before it started snowing again.

Have a safe trip back.

We used to get a first snow by Halloween around here but with that global warming stuff it might not snow till around Christ mass now in days.

I know the feeling. Two weeks ago it was 80 and now its 78…seasons are changing…:slight_smile:

Spent all morning shoveling about a foot of sunshine off of my driveway and son of a ***** as soon as I stopped another foot fell. :smiley:

LOL yep i miss the snow ( not)

Been to Wisconsin 1 time. So damn cold I’ll never return again lol. :slight_smile: Snow on the ground doesn’t suprise me Mike in your area. My goodness it was cold. How do you stand it? lol

Wimps !!

Nope i was tried fighting snow and cold . I remember trying to start trucks at 52 below.
Last year i was up north froze 2 toes, still cant really feel them much.

The cold does not bother me.

I’m not to crazy about the snow.

Did you forget how to dress? :roll:

I agree with Jeff. Wimps.