SEC in Gutter

This service entrance cable was run up under the shingle overhang, at the top of the gutter. Seems funky to me but I can’t find anything prohibiting it. What do you think?:slight_smile:

I would guess you would have to argue that it was somehow subject to physical damage to prohibit it. One other possibility is if the gutter were clogged and overflowed the it would then be completely immersed in water. Not sure if that SE cable can cable used in a location where it may become submerged.

Thanks for the response Robert. The SEC is just above the flood rim of the gutter, so unless it gutter was frozen over, it doesn’t seem likely to be submerged. I still don’t like the installation, but I don’t really have a valid reason to call it out.

Subject to damage,… put in protective conduit! Would hate to be the next roofer shucking shingles off with a metal shovel… Zap!

Usually the meter is very close to the point where the service drop meets the house.

Bill, do you think the meter was relocated? I cannot imagine a good reason to have all of that extra SE cable running exposed next to metal that will get sharp when damaged by wind, ice, tree limbs, etc.:roll:

hate to be the contractor that (when the time comes) has to replace the fascia !

Seems like debris in the gutter or worse, having to remove debris from the gutter, would make this an unsafe installation. This just doesn’t sit right with me, I would not be able to write the report without at least recommending an eval by an electrician.

I’m with you, Cameron. May not be a rule against it besides common sense.