Second inspection discount

How many HI’s give a discount if they don’t purchase the first house and need an additional inspection? I typically give a 10% discount.

I give 20% off.

I give 'em another good inspection and report…with MAYBE a 5% discount. It really depends on them. The pain in the butt peps, and you know the ones I’m talking about, 5% increase.

I thought all of the Aubies were big pains. :wink:

I give it IF they ask for it. Typically $25 off. If I’ve gotten $600 or more from them, I’m happy to slide 'em $25 to make them love me even more and tell their friends.

$600.00!!!??? :shock: I have done some $600.00 inspections, however that is not the norm for me. My average inspection is 329.00. Maybe I’ll move to SC. Great golf courses there anyway.

My base price for a house is $299 and my average is probably $349. The $600 is the total for 2 inspections (minimum). Sorry for the confusion.

I am just happy to get the original inspection!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for clearing that up. I guess I can start unpacking now. I was looking forward to the golf though

I typically will discount the second inspection by a percentage, provided the buyer and the Realtor have been reasonable people.

We give discounts - but the amout depends on whether it is from the first sale falling through because of the defects or not.
If your funding was the problem - no.
If we like you and are really glade you passed on that last house I might do the next one at half price.
Typical is $50.00 off.