Second opinion requested

Doesn’t look right to me, but not my area of expertise, it is right next to the rim joist, so does it really matter?

“Improperly cut hole in I joist, too close to end. Refer to structural engineer for evaluation” (?)

Sorry, off to bed, but aside from it not looking very “workman like”, it depends on the manufacturer. Here is an example:

See page 13 figure 6 and page 14 table 3.

Looks too close to the end to me, I don’t like it. It also looks rather large…

You may be right, check the I-joist manufacturer’s recommendations.

Here is the guidline for TJ’s. Keep a copy in your computer for reference.,d.aWc

Sorry I was on the advanced feature and could not take a good look at the joist for marking. Looks like you don’t have any in the picture. They are 11 7/8" and a 3" hole. According to this manufacture ( the biggest one around here) the hole is ok to be within 1’6" of the end.

A bot won’t let me access the above link for some reason, but I think I have the answer, thanks all.