Second opinion

Went to my Doctor today because some on this BB have called me old and I wanted a second opinion. For all you sissy’s that call me old the doc stated no roof to high, no attic to small, no crawl space to low and that in his opinion I am not old at all. SEE ya on the roof tops!!!:wink:

You know compared to some of the stuff down at the history museum You are just a pup Charley…just sayin…

Thank you Jim I knew someone would agree with me:D

I’m guessing the Doc is older than you Charley. :stuck_out_tongue:

now that’s a bit harsh…

Yessir Mr. Red Hat!

May I see that Doctors report on my desk by 8am in triplicate.

Over and Out!

When you have to sell your ladders, throw away your coveralls and knee pads and put your horses to pasture… Then you will be old!!

By the way, went to southfork Tennessee for a few days and we forged the river in three places and completed a 43 mile trail ride Saturday . My spotted Tennessee walker is a monster!
Get your cowboy on and never let me call you old!! Lol

Only as old as you feel Charley.

I was told last week by a couple of supervisors at the Shipyard, that I work like a 20 year old. Of course, this is a Union Setting. :roll:
They did not elaborate whether it was a 20 year old of today or one of 40 years ago. :wink:

Keep up the good work Charley. :slight_smile:

That’s right, by cracky!

Actually this was my 10 year thingy to the Doctor whether I need it or not.

Just a reminder to you guys over 40 get your PSA checked and do a colostomy if your man enough. I got the all clear:D:D back to work boys and girls :mrgreen:

Charley, I only think you have to worry about your age when you sneeze and only dust comes out!

Well thanks but I don’t worry about my age but there seems to be a few on the forum that do think I am old especially the dude in Wi that weights in over 300 LBS and is only 5 feet tall :stuck_out_tongue: and has the nerve to call me a roof monkey;-)

Congrats Charley!

How’s Jesus doing? I hear you guys graduated high school together… :|.)

wow…300 pounds…my wife and I together weigh 302.

I’m only 100 pounds! :blush:

Ya know you can end up in hell for lying the same as you can for stealing;-) does your wife know you talk that way about her, of course I would never tell her, but I might ask her if she knows:p

Good thing you do not act your age Charlie…or you would be dead.

Hope it continues Charley, All clear for me too, second time around.
I feel great other than a little arthritis in the hands and knees. :):wink:

Still trying to figure out why my knucles swelled up overnight 3 years ago and I am left with bumps .

Old age test…
Do you grunt and groan when getting up from a chair or crouched position ?


Clears up after you get going. ;):slight_smile:

lol…of course she doesn’t know…I’m not really a dumb hillbilly-I just ACT stupid sometimes! :wink: