Second thoughts about Transite heat vents

I learned recently about an attic fire lawsuit that was settled for $100,000.00, and involved a Transite vent pipe. I checked the narratives in my library and discovered that what is written about them is sensible, but being sensible doesn’t always count for much when it comes to a lawsuit. Regardless, I recommend that all of you review your narratives regarding Transite heat vents and tweak them as you see fit, but consider saying something like this:
“The heat vents include a cement-based type known as a Transite pipe, which does contain asbestos fibers that could not easily be released into the environment. Nevertheless, all vent pipes that pass through attics are now required to be double-walled, or Type-B, and we recommend replacing the Transite pipe with a modern Type-B vent and disposing of the Transite pipe responsibly.”

One more good one for Anti-Terrorism…:smiley:

My guess is you make more friends Keith they way you write things than I do. :twisted: :wink:

I’m convinced that there are one or two attorneys out there, and maybe the same number of inspectors, who would love to see me crash and burn. But a man’s has gotta do what he has to do, as the saying goes. I wish you well.

You mean to tell me, Keith, that there are professionals out there who may not like you? :wink:

If you ever need a character witness, you know where to find me :smiley:

Thanks, Jeff. I’m on record as saying that a couple of California attorneys deserve to be hung up by their thumbs, or secured in stocks and pelted with tomatoes or rotten fruit. And I characterized one expert witness who was scheduled to testify against me as “a falling-down drunk,” which he is, and who “plea-bargained his way out of a construction fraud case.” The truth is sacred, and I trust it will always trust it to set me free, but you never can tell. PS I’m not particularly religious, but praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

Keep your powder dry Keith.:wink: