Secondary Surge Protector for Square D Box

Does anyone have a picture of a “secondary surge protector” for a Square D box and what the proper installation and location is? Thanks in advance.

Just wondering because I had one in a breaker box tonight, and it didn’t look like it was correct.

Was this a Square D surge suppressor or installed in a Square D panel?

Can you find the part on this page?

Both, I will try and find my pic of it.

Here are the pics. I am just wondering if the installation is right…on the service entrance like that?

30 Holman 035.jpg

30 Holman 032.jpg

Looks like the same unit I installed on my panel. If it is, (Square D- Cat. # J9200-10), that’s about a 20 year old model. Mine is hooked up through a double pole 20 amp circuit breaker; I didn’t wan’t to fool around with the main SEC lugs on my 200 amp panel. That installation should be alright.

I believe it should be hooked into a double pole breaker. If there is any problem how would you service it without contacting the power company?
The surge protector is not protected by a breaker itself. Any short or failure could cause a fire since the wire comming out the mains will not be able to carry the load and it does not have a breaker to trip. It should be hooked to the highest double pole breaker in the panel.

That’s right Scott. The suppressor should not be on the main like that!

Now they have to call the power company just to put it in right. I wander who hooked it up that way. I can’t see the power company energizing the box with it hooked up like that.

The power company probably is unaware that it was installed. Someone may have done this hot or pulled the meter and then installed it.


From the Sqaure D installation instructions for the J9200-10 Secondary Surge Protector:

“Referring to the wiring diagrams below, connect the protector leads to the service cables”
The best place to make this connection to the SEC’s would be at the SEC lugs. At the time, it seems it was not common to install through a double pole breaker.

Also from the instructions, an alternative method:

“In addition to the service entrance panel or (disconnect) switch knockout installation, the unit can be suspended by its leads at the service entrance drip loop”