Secret Letter

I received a letter via Mail on a post made in a news paper in Northern Ontario.
I know that many have received this .
I would appreciate if the letter is not posted here for all to read .
I have never spoken to the person or know almost nothing about him .
This to me is only malicious prosecution by some one who does not have the decency to use his name or return address.
If the letter is true then the justice system has taken care of it and I do not think any thing good could come out of this letter being posted for all to see.
There are many malicious people put there who just love to try and make NACHI and its members look Bad.
I would appreciate knowing how many have received this Thanks

Roy Cooke a sad Member tonight

No letter here yet!!

I have seen the letter being circulated. Someone is trying to discredit a member. The problem is no one knows if the person mentioned in the news article is in fact the same person that is being discredited.

The letter seems to have been sent to a select few. I was not one of the recipients, but some who rec’d the letter sent it onto me.

I have not received it.

Roy recieved letter yesterday post mark T.O.

Have not received it.

“nuttin’ Honey!”

Thanks Rob this continues to show some are out to try and Discredit one of our members and NACHI.
I have not had any communication with the named person.
They may not even know that there is a movement a foot to discredit him and NACHI.
It is obvious that the letters are being sent from more then one location.
This is so Sad to think some that know many of us are part of who is ever trying to do this.
They must be very nervous of NACHI to try and destroy a person who most have very little knowledge of.
Time has a way of wounding all heels and I am sorry that this mentality shows it self every so often.
Thanks to all for letting me Know and not publicizing this .
Its time for ALL home inspectors to try and get along and Improve or industry.
This is so hard when it is only NACHI who stands up for the truth and transfer of information to all home inspectors.
NACHI where many great HIs can get true information on the NACHI BB.

Roy Cooke …

I too find it very unfortunate. I truly hope it is not the same person. Certainly the person named and the person that bears the same name at least requires fair treatment, until the facts surface.

To my understanding many have received it. It is being circulated amongst inspectors. So the letter - which is a copy of a news article is no longer a secret.

The problem is that the issue should be cleared up now for public protection if this is as a matter of fact a home inspector. As stated earlier all one can hope that it is not the same person that is now a home inspector.

If so, there is a much bigger issue at stake. This is one area of why some cities are out to protect their citizens. It is one more reason that the real estate community is beginning to question the background of home inspectors. This is one more reason that criminal background checks should be part and parcel of certification. This might possibly put another whole new spin on anybody can become a home inspector! If it is not the same individual a notification should be posted “publicly” to clarify in that same media release and from the assocaitions the facts to this matter.

If some one thinks some thing is wrong then stand up and be counted . There are a few slime Balls who did do and continue to try and destroy various members and NACHI.
Many of us know them ,never use true information just send out innuendos.
It was me that many letters where sent out last year and now it is another . How does one protect our selves from these slim balls.
Then there are those who refuse to release information that should be forth comming .
Unfortunately many are leaders in our Ontario association

Well, so much for the “secrecy” of it all !!!

I also received the letter. The address on the envelope was hand written. At the top of the article it was hand written: “NACHI-FYI”. I don’t know where it was sent from.

For the person who sent it to me,… FYI: I couldn’t care less about this persons situation,… its none of my business nor anyone else on this BB. If you have a problem with this person then deal with him/her directly and settle your problem - leave me out of it!


I guess they missed me. I will let you know if I get one.

Who ever sent it and with what intent it would seem to have missed the mark. I don’t think they sent it because person is a Nachi member; that is not the issue if you dig a little deeper.

I am sure whoever sent it is also monitoring this thread.

Justo if some one was sending bad information about you.
I think the proper thing for me is to not send it on .
Why should some one spred things bad that are not thier business.

I wonder where does the Home Inspection Industry get the authority to get into a person previous life with Back ground checks.
" This is one more reason that criminal background checks will be part and parcel of certification "
I feel we could be getting into a person right to privacy .
As an added bit of information the letter came with ( FYI-NACHI).
This person is also a member of OAHI/CAHPI .
Would you like to bring this out for the public to see.
How would you feel if YOU realeased a name and this person was not the same .
The problem is that the issue should be cleared up now for public protection if this is as a matter of fact a home inspector.
I feel you could find you self in hot water .
If it is a home inspector and it is brought out for all to see then CAHPI would also not look to smart .
I hope you and your associates talk this over with your lawyer ( you do have a lawyer I hope ) before any decisions are made in this direction.
I sure am a long way from having a law degree but I do have a bit of common sense.
Has CAHPI been doing Back ground checks on those who have been excepted for the Certification?
Roy Cooke .
Glad to be a NACHI member and have the use of a great open BB.

Roy it is rather ironic that you seem to defend the right to privacy - yet does the CMI not require a background check, and sworn affidavit (CMI About Us item #4 - Submitting to a criminal background check.) regarding a clear uncheckered pass?

If so than lets at least admit there is a need to tidy up the house, and it presents some common ground.

So typical of Claude evade evade evade.

I asked a question about a Canadian and you turn it around .
You have done this consistently simple questions you do not answer or evade or turn it around .
You must have studied Politics as you sure do evade the simple truth constantly .
You and your secret Society Friends are ( my openion ) are strictly for your selves .
You try and make is seem like you wish to help the Canadian Home Inspectors .
Well you Keep spreading the BS and try to have all think what good people you and the rest of the Secret Society .
Roy Cooke Disapointed in all the BS

Honestly - I agree that most people would feel that a “criminal” background check is a bit over the top. But possibly some may be confused by the “background check” of ones past reported for the national certification as being a criminal check. That it is not - it is a detailed overview of ones past experience such as training, education, courses, experience, number of fee paid inspections, etc.

I agree and I hope there are reading this thread. I believe the intent is to spread bad press about this person in order to damage his business. Why else would they do this.

Is this person aware what someone is doing to him?