Secret, unauthorized PIC taken of Gary Johnson at NACHI Convention.

Gary Johnson.

The PIC was taken from a secret camera hidden inside a NACHI lapel pin without Mr. Johnson’s consent or knowledge. Unidentified sources confirm that the illegally taken PIC was then smuggled to NACHI by an unnamed staffer.


Thats it, make fun of a serious situation.:roll::p:p

My investigation has determined that this PIC was not taken at the convention. It is, in my opinion… a fake. I have found the original at Investigation over, file closed.


That was not helpful and not classy.

You know better.

You wish.

You may own this place and most obviously make all of the real decisions, but this recording thing is not going away.

Why don’t you just tell us all the truth and be done with it???

And I do not wish to hear " I know nothing about it," as everyone knows that you do.

Just tell us, straight up, what happened and that will end this most unsetteling piece of NACHI history.

It’s in your park Nick. Will you pass the buck?, plead ignorance? Or tell the damn truth???

I am waiting and I am sure there is at leaste one other member that would like to know the truth!

Will, I agree, but can’t help myself.
Todd, I have no involvement in your recording thing and so can’t help you.

Most I can do is express my opinion that some are making much of nothing by my posts (which is my right to do so as a member)… and… if I can take a shot at Gary while doing it… that is just icing on the cake for me.


So, you are saying that you know nothing of the tape and have never heard it or been privey to it’s contents?

That looks to me like he knows nothing of it ( I believe him unless I hear different)
Oh well good thing I came to NACHI with an open mind:shock:
Oh and by the way Nick, don’t be snapping any of those pictures when the dancing girls arrive at the New Mexico meeting!

Here is everything I know about your dumb tapes:

To my knowledge there were two. One was given to one of my staffers by someone who told me what it contained, basically. To date I don’t have a mini cassette player and so never actually listened to it and wouldn’t listen if I did own one. Some of the criticisms (that I am told are on it) I considered valid and so quickly made decisions to correct. These corrections mostly involved my own staff and some procedures and these corrections were made by me the week following the convention as they were within my duties as head of staff to correct. For those who are new to NACHI, this is my long standing method of operation at NACHI… I actually value criticism as I use it to find holes in NACHI, and then I patch them. I even had a bash NACHI blog set up in the past so I could learn what the problems were at NACHI and fix them all. It is how NACHI became the biggest and the best IMHO. The other tape wasn’t a tape. It was a digital recording of someone complaining about things I consider compliments: NACHI growing to fast, doing to much, CMI, bla bla bla. This recording was played to some at the convention and I believe several have said (here on this message board) that they heard it. I didn’t hear it as I left the convention the day before it ended to meet with an insurance company that is about to give home owner discounts to their policy owners who have had a NACHI inspection. I posted something about this meeting on this message board. I did not have to change my plane ticket to do this as I had scheduled this meeting months in advance knowing that the last two days of the convention were simply ongoing certification classes and the exhibitors were to tear down the day I left anyway. This recording was made that day I believe, but don’t really know. I never got a copy. The secret excerpts of the tape with Gary asking everyone if they are going to finish their food was of course a joke I fabricated. I thought it was funny enough to be clearly a joke. I think that is everything I know. Can I go back to cracking jokes now?

No offence, but you must be new here.

Ok Nick, lets say you don’t know or care to much about it.

What is your oppinion of Joe F. posting what he did and insinuating what he did about the posting and the contents of the tapes???/

Hi To All:

This is a Public Forum.

Todd, I have no clue as to what Joe Farsetta posted. Did he post in the members-only section where I don’t go?

Also Todd, what did you mean by your comment “You must be new here” ?

To all Jay?..Shouldn’t that read “Nick, this is a public forum”?

Todd your not alone…


Please provide this information to someone in the MAB.

Joe F. comments were also posted in the public area.

Will, provide MAB what information? That is all I know of it and most of that was learned through the rumor mill.

I think he is referring to me Nick, and yes I am new and I read all the posts.
Just quit a job of 7 years and re -started my business because the Company I worked for sucked me into this kind of fray.

I did a lot of research before joining NACHI and I think all in all it is a GREAT organization.
I figure I will just follow the threads with an open mind until it gets worked out or some people leave.
Even if some leave ,the organization will continue and I for one get a lot of useful info for my business after I sort through all the threads

Originally Posted by gromicko
“To my knowledge there were two. One was given to one of my staffers by someone who told me what it contained, basically. To date I don’t have a mini cassette player and so never actually listened to it and wouldn’t listen if I did own one.”

  1. Nick. By this statement, you are saying that you had, at one time, and may still have, a tape in your posession or in possession of one the the staffers that you say you control. Please provide it if you can.

  2. Please inform the MAB who was ‘someone’ and what did he / she ‘told’ you.

This would help.

I am so tired of hearing the BS.

Nick, do yourself and the members a favor and come clean.

Just this once.

Thanks Dale. Most threads are useful, some (including about 65% of the ones I start) are stupid. :wink: