Secret weapon need beta testers

Hi all,
We currently have a group that has been testing this new feature and I am offering you the opportunity to test it yourself and give feedback. The first group has helped a lot and because of their feedback we have made an update which came out today. If you are interested in seeing why we have a patent pending idea that has never before been available then please read below.

This feature is designed to please the agent and give you a great opportunity to shout to all the agents in your town why they should use you. You make their life easier and reduce liability for them at the same time. We have shown it to several agents and they absolutely love it. This is with testing using our own report samples.

We need HomeGauge users who use HG Services and delivers the Web Presentation or html report to their customers.

Goal: To test this feature with different reports. To get inspectors feedback ideas and to be sure your reports work well with this feature.

If you agree to be a beta tester, you will need to send me an email

  1. I am asking for strict confidentiality until we officially release it.
  2. I will then show you how to turn it on
  3. Your buyer and agent will be able to see/use this feature. I will show you how you can see/try it for yourself. If you do not like it, you can turn it off. If you like it, then you can ask the agent or homebuyer to give you any feedback on the process.

You will get a free gift for participating as well as be able to possibly influence the look or process.

If you have anymore questions or hesitations, then pass this up and wait for the public release. If you are excited to be a part of cutting edge and get a jump on everyone else, and can keep a secret (Shh), then send me your email.


People can’t keep secrets! Lol!

That was childish. The world is bigger than you.

Sorry I wasn’t trying to imply that you were trying to keep a secret just from me. I meant I’ve tried to keep things secret, but once it leaves the confines of your office it no longer is. I gave up trying!

Just sent you an email Russell. Sign me up.

Oh, Dominic is going to be so jealous when he sees this. :slight_smile:

Apparently he already has…? I am just waiting for his feedback for our beta testing

If you are referring to me, I’m still collecting it…:slight_smile:

I’ll update you soon.

Is Dominic(Hippie) a beta tester? :slight_smile:

It’s an interesting idea. I think some guys will like it and some won’t, just like most other features. It’s great that Russell is doing it though as it helps keep pushing the envelope and expectations of inspectors and their software!

Trying to reclaim this thread from one of my many competitors. We have had several more beta users join up and if you are interested in seeing what will cause more agents to use you and not inspectors who use some boring pdf boat anchor please send me an email


So how much further away Russell on going public?

We have had a few updates thanks to our beta testers etc and are putting the next update in today or Monday…so I would say within a month. The feature has become a lot smarter and it is going to rock.

A few beta testing inspectors have already shared their agents praises and they love it. I am making a video so inspectors can put on their websites and share with their agents.

sign me up …

That month has gone by. Where are you at now?

We plan on releasing it to all next week. Watch for it in our news alert!

Agents are loving it! Get ready for more business and the talk of the agents office!

It surprisingly showed for my client to use. I had no idea until I got an email from Home guage informing me my client requested it. I checked it out, and was amazed. First client to use was a buyer in a cash transaction, and they (former contractor) were totally impressed with speed and accuracy. Raved how easy it was going to be for those making repairs. Subsequently, I immediately sent out promo video to agents. The response was more than excited, and anxious for the next inspection to use it.