Secure Certificate for Home Energy Surveys

To help prevent defrauding the U.S. DOE, home buyers, home sellers, REALTORS®, and financial institutions, InterNACHI has developed a ‘Secure Certificate’ for our Home Energy Surveys.

Security features of the InterNACHI Home Energy Survey Certificate include:

  1. Heat Sensitive Icon. Responds to warmth. Hold between thumb and forefinger or breathe on it. The image will fade and reappear.
  2. **True Watermark. ** Unique security image embedded in the paper which can only be viewed by translucent “pass-through” light.
  3. **Toner Grip. ** Paper is treated with a Toner Adhesion Coating. If attempts are made to alter the document text appears broken.
  4. **Chemical Protection. **When chemically altered, the area treated will appear as a brown stain or spot.
  5. **Visible Fibers. ** Visible blue and red fibers randomly embedded in the paper on both sides make duplication difficult.
  6. **Invisible Fibers. ** Florescent fibers which only show up under a UV blacklight.
  7. **Warning Band. ** Alerts handler the document contains security features.
  8. **Microprint in Border. ** Tiny text “SECURITYMICROPRINTING” incorporated in border appears as broken or dotted line when copied.
  9. **Prismatic Printing. ** Unique blend of multiple shades difficult to reproduce.
  10. Certificate Number. Each Certificate has a unique control number and is assigned only to authorized energy inspectors.
  11. Inspector ID. Each energy inspector has a unique identification number, which can be used to verify the inspector’s qualifications.

**What the Department of Energy’s Home Energy Scoring Program Means for InterNACHI Inspectors

Good job, Ben.

InterNACHI has done a lot of work on this certificate to make it fraud resistant.

Cool…damn only if our currency was this well protected!


What’s really nice…

The great opportunities for InterNACHI inspectors to perform energy audits.
Coming soon…

What’s the most cost-effective energy conservation measure known to man?

Air sealing

I’m thinking education…

Give that man a cigar!

What’s the most cost-effective energy conservation measure known to man?
Consumer education.

Thats all he gets for that great answer? No gifts? Come on!