Secure Loose Propane Tank

I know that we don’t call out plumbing codes, but is there one that requires a tank to be secured?

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NO (Not in PA or Jersey that I am aware of)

wouldn’t a loose tank fall under protection from mechanical damage?

I lease mine
have 3 just like the one pictured for my Pool Heater and Fireplace.
Sunoco installed them.
Gave me grief about codes later (proximity to window and electric meter) but never mentioned anything about securing them.
If full, too damn heavy to move

I call those pigs. They are 250 gallons capacity and the Propane company installs them on concrete pades usually and not single blocks.
They do not get tied.
The 100 lb’ers do have to be secured, and I believe those are 25 gallon cap. :slight_smile: