Secure Trac Inspections Beware!

I just wanted to let people know that I have preformed 3 inspections for Secure Trac about three months ago and I still have not gotten paid! I have called spoke with Blain, left messages with Mike, sent e-mails and even sent a paypal invoice but still have gotten no response. If they call you to do an inspection for them I would ask to get paid up front.

FYI: The inspections consist of taking photos of machines and equipment of all kinds. They have been spoken about here on the message board in the past and seemed to have a good rep but I have found them to not hold up to their end of the deal. Beware!


Same thing happened to me a little over a year ago. Never did get paid from them. I wouldn’t use them again either.

I did a bunch for them a while back. I always charged their credit card on the day I did the inspection. No problems.

I have done numerous inspections for them and never had a problem with being paid. Just run their CC on the day of inspection.

I had done an inspection in North Idaho about two months ago and after several phone calls I still haven’t been paid.

I see that was your first post. Welcome to InterNACHI.

Always get payment at time of inspection.

Nuff said!

Ripped me off twice. Can we report them to someone and at the very least put a bad mark on their business. I would imagine this has happened to many.:mad:

Not a problem here. Been paid every time.

Did it once…Never got paid! Blaine told me that the report was sent to the bank and she was just waiting on payment from them. When she gets paid I’ll get paid is how she put it.

Only took a total of about 15 minutes of my time so no big deal. But on principal I would like my money that was promised. $50 bucks is $50 bucks!

Not sure she ever gave me the choice of charging her credit card! Don’t have her number anymore to follow up on this.

Man! I forgot about this whole thing and put it behind me! Seeing this thread and reading the posts has me thinking about this again! Now I’m pissed again!:twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

Now I remember too that she only called me because the normal person they would use in this area could not be reached and they needed the inspection done within a few hours that day!


Think nice thoughts Scott! Soothing thoughts!:twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

I did an inspection on May 29, 2009 for Secure Trac and still haven’t been paid 90 days later! SCAMERS!!! I’ve called numerous times and they’ve promised immediate payment each time.

Wish I had seen the complaints prior to dealing with them !

Add go ole Allan to the suckers duped by Securetrac. I did an inspection 6/17/09 and have been chasing my payment since the 45 day mark. Ms Conti was my contact. Its funny now when I call she does not answer with her name and if called by her name she ask “who is this”. It must be terrible to be so scared to answer a business line becauce you owe money.

I might be different than some people, I’m going to be such a pain that they will express ship me the $ 50. I talked to Ms Conti (Blaine) today and told her that I was not going away and that I was calling everyday and emailing till I get paid. I sent an email to the so called billing person Shannon (does not have a phone number hmmm) and filled a complant with the Florida Attorney General and the BBB (they are not a member) and that I will be around till I get paid.

I know cut my loses and let it go…nah this will be much more fun. Can you imagine coming to work knowing that you will get asked for payment every day and your answering machine will be full when you come in with request. As inspections slow down this fall/winter what a great way to have fun.

I didn’t do the inspection for the money, I was just a couple of miles away and between time slots the day of the inspection. Blaine sounded nice and I thought if I can help this nice lady and not be out much time or travel than thats nice. So what started out not being about the money has turned into all about the money,kwan,pounds,pescos, ect.

Don’t give up on your money call them several times everyday !
Grandma always said the squeeky wheel gets the grease !
Blaine’s direct number is 727-781-0292 she wants you to get paid just ask her.

Well here is a wild turn of events! I did the first and only equipment inspection for them way the heck back and never got paid. Called Blaine several times and felt I got the run around. Gave up trying!

Today, I get a call from a Private Number on my cell, so I answer and it is Blaine with Secure Trac. Asking if I remember who they were? I said “Of course I remember you…I never got paid for the job I did for you months and months ago!”. She said “What! Really? Let me call the office and look into this!”. She called back a few minutes later ready to pay me for that job. I told her she can pay on my website with a credit card and right then and there she did it! I confirmed that the payment was made and now we are square!

She had another job for me taking pics of some mattresses at the local Holiday Inn. I told her I would certainly do that for her now that I was paid. So I did it, submitted my report and pics this evening and she will pay me again on my website as soon as she sees all the docs and pics tomorrow.

So they have regained my confidence in them. I will only accept payment by credit card with them from now on as I have never received the check from last time. Not to mention they want the job done like the same day. So if I can do it the same day for them I expect to be paid the same way…FAST!

If you haven’t got paid, it might be worth digging up your file number for the job you did and call them to research it and see if you can do the credit card for payment on that.

I think they are legit, they just have had some issues with communication and follow up possibly.

Glad that you got your money Scott (for the inspection you did months ago). I will be very very surprised if you get the money for the Holiday Inn inspection…well at least until they need you again.

I disagree with you on them being legit, if you read the sheer number of complaints on here you know that it is not a communication problem. She got your money right away when she needed another inspection. Communication sure was not a problem then was it ?

I have emailed Ms. Conti and Shannon both numerous times trying to get my money. When I called today asking when I was going to get paid, I was told that she had given me the proper channels to get my money. The proper channel that she gave me is an email address that has never been answered for and of course she has no phone number to call because she is part time. I guess she works 2 hours a day every leap day.

When I asked about getting paid she said that her police detective husband was going to file harrassment charges against me for bothing her. I told her I wanted the money for the work that I have completed. She hung up.

Now ask yourself folks is this a Company you want to be involved with ? I did suggest that her husband use his detective skills to find out why I was not getting paid. What do you call a person who takes your service and does not pay you. It would be either theft or fraud in my book. Hopefully this will catch up with them in a court of law. I feel sorry for people who lie for $ 50, really is sad that someone would lie and sell thier soul so cheap. Again congrats Scott for getting anything, I would send her the pics in 4-5 months and say that was how you got paid and thats how you inspect…lol…tell you will check on the problem and to email you cause you work part time…lol

I will be right there beside you on this if when tomorrow comes and I don’t get paid. If she pays me, then I will call it good and wait for the next round of jobs from them. If not paid, she will definitely hear from me on it and if they do anything sleazy I will right them off once and for all!

But if they pay! I can always use the money!

I did one inspection for them inspecting a tow truck. Took about 15 mins. I was promised to be paid at the end of the month. I did not see it for 90 days and then there was a check in the mail. They have no idea of customer support but they did pay me. I would not do
another inspection unless they paid me first. Not worth my time to chase a payment.

I would be totally surprised if Scott gets his money Friday. There will be an excuse or another hoop to jump through.

It kind of reminds me of an old story- A boy is walking down the road and he sees a snake trying to cross a busy street. The snake ask the boy to carry him to the other side of the street. The boy tells the snake no way you are a snake and you would surely bite me. The snake told the boy no way ! You would help me out and I would forever be greatfull. The boy tells the snake that you are just saying that to get a chance to bite me. The snake replies that we would be friends and I would not treat a friend like that. The boy gives in and picks the snake up and carry him across the road, as he puts the snake down the snake bites the heck out of the boy. The boy looks at the snake with disbelief and said but you promised me you would not bite me. The snake laughed and told the boy I don’t feel sorry for you…you knew what I was when you met me.

If you deal with the snake and get bit, then you should have known better. I just wish that I would have checked the message boards when they contacted my…I was not wise enough to see a snake, I see the snake now after like many other who got bit.

As a disinterested party, this seems like the way to deal with them in a working relationship.

Get a credit card number, and verify it, before doing the work. Then charge it to that card when you’ve completed the agreement.

I don’t know what they pay and it may not be worth the hassle but that payment method may help some.

I get the whole “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. I really do! If I am fooled twice then done with them I will be. However, they did just pay me for the old job! She didn’t give me any run around about it. She got approval and paid me!

I’m not naive. But I do try to see the good in people. And in always trying to see the good in people you will have times where someone takes advantage of you. I would never go into anything like this if I had seen so many complaints about them. However, I didn’t see any of this before I took the first job. I want to believe these are isolated cases(they may not be). But I will live a more stress free life looking at the positives over the negatives. I could have looked at the negatives and not done anymore business with them because of the non-payment issue. But, by accepting the job, I was paid for the first job. That’s $50 in my pocket I didn’t have the day before. And I am positive I will be paid for the second job.

By being positive and not beating her down about the last job, just mentioning it to her in a nice professional manor, I was able to secure payment. And I know from experience that the nicer you are to people the more they are willing to do things for you.

After 15 years in the retail sales and management field I have run across plenty of dissatisfied customers. And when they came in screaming and yelling and being unreasonable, I didn’t budge! They got next to nothing out of me. If they came in, voiced their concerns in a civil, intelligent way and didn’t raise their voice, I would go above and beyond for that person!

So having that knowledge and being able to see both sides of the coin, I conceded that being civil with her would get the desired response. And here I am $50 richer!

If not paid this time I will wash my hands of them. But I will let it go quicker this time. Not worth the worry. If nothing else I was able to see inside a pretty nice hotel I haven’t been in before, meet the owner who had some interesting stories to tell and gain some perspective into a different kind of inspection area. I just gained more experience!

I still want paid though! :twisted: