SecureTrac Draw

Hey Gang
have any of you dealt with SecureTrac Draw company before. Had a draw for them in February and have not gotten paid yet. Called numerous times got the machine. They are out of New Port Ritchie FL, and the liason was Michael Voght. Now I understand that I am now chasing a ghost…but with as many members as we have in INachi I wouldn’t want any of us dealing with the same situation…Just a heads up.

Do they have a website?

I did work for them a handful of times. Still waiting for pmt from them for a January 20th job. Stay away! If you call about pmt he will say “we forgot to put you on out payroll”…bla bla bla.

Not worth the hassle.

His direct number is (cell) 727 376-9750

just heard from SecureTrac…thanks to whomever got the word out:D
He said they have a 30-45 day payout…Did the job the 26th of February and this is the 8th of April; makes it about day 38ish. I apologize to him and his company for any disparaging remarks stated or implied.

I did some work for them about a year ago, and yes, it was about 45 days to receive payment.

Hey; lucky, it took me 5 months to get ONE payment and it’s 7 months later and they still owe me ONE payment. I filed a complaint with the bbb

I have done several inspections for them and have always gotten paid within the timeframe they stated.

Quite a while back I used to do inspections for them and when I started I negotiated to get paid via credit card. I kept their card number and charged it immediately after I submitted their report and photos via email. Cost me a couple of percent but I got paid immediately.

Secure Trac is definately not on a fast trac in payments!!
They are either “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul”, or running cash poor.

In either case, why even consider doing business with them???

Money talks, the rest walks!!

I can’t imagine running a business with my receivables that far in the future.

I’m telling you, we need to have a section for companies that scam inspectors…

Same here I would never do a job for that company either. They are Crooks

That Mike Vogt guy is rude and they don’t know what they are doing! They Lie