securing the mast?

Hey folks,

I’m trying to determine the rules for securing a long service entrance mast to the house. Shouldn’t one be very close to the top of the mast?



Depends on what type of mast you apeaking of…

Now code withstanding…and so naysayers dont think I am just quoting code I will tell you a general good rule of thumb.

SE Cable - Within 12" from Mast Head and from Meter Can…and every 30" inches in between ( I wont harp if it is more like 36" but 30" is “Code”…better than nothing )

Conduit - I still like to see witin 12" of mast head…but it can be within 3’ of meter can and so on and then every 36" is best…but I have allowed it on older homes to be up to 5’ ( but should be no more than 3’ between junctions and from boxes.

Hope this helps…here is an image of accepted distances…


Thank you. Are there different types of masts?



If it is a THRU the roof mast it would usually be RIGID conduit ( we hope ) and it could run of the side of the wall in EMT Conduit to a side wall mast head…or it could be SE Cable run up the wall to a screw on mast head…

Yep…can be a few of them…

Thanks to Paul I new this one month ago when I was looking for a quick answer to this very question.
Everyone here who does not yet know should realise how lucky they are to have this mans know how at their finger tips.

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Check with your utility, they usually have documents for new installations. I think PPL here wants back strapping if you go over 36".